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Turnkey Pallet Racking Solutions

Store Efficiently. Maximize Space. Boost Productivity.

Turnkey Pallet Racking Solutions

Store Efficiently. Maximize Space. Boost Productivity.

The QC Material Handling Equipment team is here to design and install a pallet racking system that fits your needs. Our experience and past performance make us the ideal partner whether you’re looking to repair and replace damaged racking, add on to an existing system, or fill up an empty warehouse in need of a storage solution.

Our Products

We carry a diverse product line, from custom-engineered flow rack to quick-ship teardrop uprights. QCMHE can supply whatever you need.

Teardrop (Clip-In)
  • Most common type of pallet racking
  • Durable enough for most warehouses, but damaged more often than structural steel
  • Costs on average 15% less than structural
Structural (Bolt-Up)
  • Supports heavier loads and withstands more abuse
  • Often used in refrigerated or harsh environments
  •  Large bases attached at right angles to vertical columns
  • Normally used to store long, awkward objects like tubing or timber
  • Lift drives directly into the bay
  • Pallets are held up by side rails rather than crossbeams
Flow Rack
  • Rollers or skate-wheels use gravity to automatically rotate inventory
  • Employees can be loading and unloading a rack simultaneously
  • Pallets loaded and unloaded from the front onto sliding carts attached to inclined rails
  • Analogous to taking milk out of the grocery store fridge

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A Partner from Start to Finish

Design and Planning

We offer several unique design and engineering services. We can assist you with CAD renderings, floor plan layouts, and workflow optimization to ensure that your facility is operating at peak efficiency and maximizing return on investment.

Product Selection

QC Material Handling Equipment has the industry connections, knowledge, and expertise to source your materials from the right vendor. Timeline or budgetary restraints? No problem. We will do what is right for you, regardless of brand or price.

Turnkey Solutions

From system design through installation and implementation, QCMHE is here to help your project go smoothly. One company, one contact, one PO – One-stop shop!  We will even provide drawings for permits and label your racks.

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Industry Experience

QC Material Handling Equipment has been in business for nearly a decade and has had the pleasure of partnering with numerous national brands. Our personalized approach and attention to detail guarantee that projects are completed efficiently and accurately. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your business in order to deliver impactful results that will ultimately enable your operation to reach new heights.

Manufacturing Partners

Optimize Your Facility

Boost Efficiency and Production

Installing the proper storage system for your facility is critical in streamlining your processes. Having the ability to move and store product efficiently will set you apart from competition and ultimately boost your site’s productivity. QCMHE will help you create a system that leaves you thinking “How did we survive without this?!”


Efficiency Increase

Drive-In Pallet Rack

Protect Your Workforce

Safety is a constant concern for those managing an industrial facility. Installing and maintaining an effective storage racking system plays a central role in keeping workers safe and out of harm’s way. Make sure that you are performing regular maintenance audits on your racks and not allowing anyone to climb on your system. QCMHE can replace old or damaged rack and help you create a safer workflow for your facility.


safety first

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